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Dec 28, 2012 4:00pm PST
down on drunk drivers. however, a silicon valley lawmaker thinks technology would be a good deterrenta too. we'll have a live report still to come. >> and on the last weekend of 2012 we thought it would be friday light traffic. right? not a chance. look at that. didn't they do shopping already? these are still return autos exactly. weather that did not fit. >>> in san francisco, people being treated to a ride on muni for free to celebrate the 100th birthday. many wishes were to do a better job. and muni hopes to do just that. >> hop on a muni train today or a bus. and it won't cost you anything. >> happeny birthday from muni. a system some love. >> i think mun gee one of the greatest transportation lines. >> there is some don't love. >> time to get serious about getting places on time. >> this is not mature enough at 100? >>รท it was, i'd be on time to work every day. >> in the g it's unreliable. i think my opinion, you know... it's -- you know rare it's on time. >> a agree. >> that comes from muni director of transportation. sometimes frustrated muni rider himself. he looks
Dec 24, 2012 4:00pm PST
shoppers are men. business and technology reporter david louie is tracking their moves for us. >> reporter: and i would be smug and say i got all my shopping done but they need to get the presents under tree. some of the major malls are closing at 6:00. we've already seen some stores already closed. >> you can tell from the long lines at the checkout stands and from the volume of cars pulling into the mall there is a lot of last minute shopping under way. >> i found out there is christmas tomorrow. i have a little shopping. >> but the shoppers are mostly men on christmas eve. >> are you giving me a hard time waiting for the last minute. >> reporter: why did you wait so long? >> i got most of it done. >> reporter: these are the frosting on the cake for retailers. they are projecting holiday sales will be 2-3% above last year. not bad considering the recession isn't over. busiest uncertainty is what to buy. this shopper had two sesame street elmos. >> i'm trying to figure out what to get that. assault hardest thing. you can't buy things too intricate. >> maybe the strategy which
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2